Migraines are from the devil, or are they?

Credit source: Google Search
Credit Source: Google Search
  • Having a family history i.e., parents or grandparents with migraines
  • Age — migraines usually begin during adolescence and are at the worst during your 30s after which they become less severe or frequent. However, children and teens can have migraines — called pediatric migraines.
  • Sex — women are three times more likely to develop migraines than are men
  • Hormonal changes — in women who have migraines an added factor could also be due to changes in estrogen that occur during menstruation, pregnancy or menopause. They commonly reduce in severity and frequency after menopause.
  • Not enough sleep and too much sleep;
  • Too much coffee and not enough coffee (for those who are regular drinkers);
  • Change in weather or barometric pressure;
  • Salty foods, artificial sweeteners, foods that contain MSG and alcohol;
  • Hunger or dehydration;
  • Hormonal changes in women and hormonal medications;
  • Intense physical exertion or stress;
  • Medication overuse;
  • and sensory overload from strong smells, loud sounds, bright lights and sun glare.
Credit source: Google search




Easily Digestible Health Content from a Research Ardent

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Olubukunola A. Oyedele

Olubukunola A. Oyedele

Easily Digestible Health Content from a Research Ardent

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