The Addictive Nature of Sports Betting

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Dangers of a Gambling Problem

  • Be alcohol or drug dependent and smoke
  • Be extremely stressed which can lead to health conditions such as high blood pressure and health problems
  • Have a mental health problem such as anxiety, depression
  • Have suicidal thoughts and tendencies as well as commit suicide
  • Have sleeping and eating disorders
  • Have serious financial issues that can lead to loss of homes, employment or more
  • Have troubled relationships with family and co-workers
  • You are constantly borrowing money
  • You experience withdrawal symptoms when you are not gambling
  • You continue gambling despite negative consequences like your spouse leaves you
  • You are hiding or lying about gambling to your friends and family
  • You have been unable to stop gambling and continue to think about gambling even when you are not gambling
  • You are thinking about committing an illegal act to finance your gambling




Easily Digestible Health Content from a Research Ardent

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Olubukunola A. Oyedele

Olubukunola A. Oyedele

Easily Digestible Health Content from a Research Ardent

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